Welcome to DNNFoos.com, the DotNetNuke Foosball website, home of the DNNFoos FoosTracker, an open source project built on the .NET MicroFramework using the Netduino Plus and a variety of readily available parts.

UPDATE 2/24/2012
We've got REAL data this time! Data we can now assign to "teams". Ran into a few bugs today with the live tracking, things would lock up before the end of a game, but I managed to manually record all scores so I could edit the games online and assign them to teams. This weekend we'll be working out some of the live bugs, and start working on reporting of the data.

UPDATE 2/10/2012
We've got data! We got the system up and running after a few hiccups today, you can see the "scores" over on the right side of the page from the games. Now that we have some data it is time to build out the module to allow for associating players with teams, and start keeping track of who beats who!

Stay tuned as we update things around here to keep track of scores on the DotNetNuke Foosball table at the DotNetNuke Corporation's office in San Mateo, California, as well as the documentation around how you can build your own DNNFoos FoosTracker.

Here is a quick video shot on 2/8/2011 of the FoosTracker in action. Obviously just doing some desktop testing.

Chris Hammond